Zetor Engineering Slovakia, a.s. will present the project of the next-generation armored tactical vehicle ATV ZETOR GERLACH 4x4 at the prestigious global defence industry exhibition EUROSATORY 2020 in Paris (8-11 June).

“We see the opportunity to present the results of several years of development at the world's largest exhibition as a great honor and an opportunity at the same time. At EUROSATORY 2020 we will present a complete offer of the first generation of the vehicle, including all modifications and possibilities of use, responding to the requirements of customers from different territories,” said the manager of the ATV ZETOR GERLACH 4x4 project Pavel Bušta.

Since its introduction in the year 2018 at the IDEB (Slovakia), the vehicle has successfully passed a series of stress tests, resulting in verification and certification of the declared parameters. The vehicle is now ready for army deployment and modifiable according to the requirements of the particular customer and territory.
The ATV ZETOR GERLACH 4x4 project is aimed at all markets where 4x4 tactical armored vehicles are or will be renewed.
In addition to Slovakia, the vehicle has already been presented at international fairs in Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, and its parameters have been presented in other countries. Currently, it is participating in a competition for the renewal of 4x4 vehicles under the Pegaz program of the Polish Army. It is also ready to compete in the expected tender in Romania. A memorandum of understanding with the Arab Organization for Industrialization in Egypt was signed in September this year, confirming the interest in establishing the project in the country, but also sees its potential in wider cooperation in the Arab League and the African Union.

A solution for maximum security
The ATV ZETOR GERLACH 4x4 is a next-generation tactical armored vehicle. The extraordinary safety and protection of crew lives is the main domain of vehicle. In this area, Zetor Engineering cooperates with Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH. The vehicle has successfully passed certification tests against of anti-mine resistance, which confirmed the declared parameters at the stage of NATO STANAG 4569 AEP-55 Volume 2 Level 3a, 3b.
To achieve maximum protection for the crew, the developers chose a solution where the vehicle is divided into three main parts - the front (engine housing), the rear part with variable cargo space and the central part, which is a security armored cabin. The cabin is fitted independently of the chassis of the vehicle, so when damaged by the mine, the crew remains protected. Its unprecedented SAFETY space of 7.7 m3 offers room for up to 6 crew members with a height of up to 190 cm and 120 kg in weight, including gear. In the event of an emergency, it will provide space for two other crew members (without a seat). Crew safety is also assured by an additional modular armor plating along with a separate double flooring with and an anti-mine “V“ shield. At the same time, the cabin construction allows for its fast abandonment.
Other elements increasing the safety of the crew are special seats able to absorb the dynamic effects of explosions and the safety glasses.

ATV ZETOR GERLACH also excels in terrain capabilities, transport capacity, and variability.
The vehicle easily overcomes trenches with a width of 1 m and terrain stairs with a height of 0.5 m. It has a highly variable cargo space with a volume of 2.3 m3, which carries an additional 1.5 tons in of necessary equipment.
Vehicle versions can be quickly changed according to the requirements of the mission. The basic version is already fitted with an air-conditioning and a chemical, biological and nuclear protection ventilation.
The roof of the vehicle can be fitted with a mechanical or remote-controlled machine gun ATV ZETOR GERLACH is constructed exclusively from EU components, including successfully tested chassis. From the customer's point of view, this means trouble-free logistics, spare parts availability and low service costs.

For more information (tickets, program, ...) visit official website EUROSATORY 2020.