Armoured Tactical Vehicle 4x4

New concept ARMOURED TACTICAL VEHICLE 4x4 GERLACH reflects the new combat and safety factors resulting from new/current skills and experience from the combat deployments of 21st century. Vehicle concept AFV 4x4 initiated 2 years ago in the company ZETOR ENGINEERING CZ in close cooperation with the subsidiary ZETOR ENGINEERING Slovakia, a. s., member of HTC Investments group, a. s., sector ENGINEERING.


    Main advantages

    Modular armoured protection

    Mobility and dynamics


    Comfort and ergonomy


    Modular armoured protection

    • Modular armoured protection – safety cabin 2+4, 2+3 and 2+2 for combat and tactical armoured versions
    • Ballistic protection STANAG 4596 Volume 1 level 3
    • Anti-mine protection STANAG 4569 Volume 2 level 2a, 2b, optional level 3a, 3b.
    • Safety cabin: protection assured by additional modular armour plating with double floor with anti-mine „V“ shield
    • Safety cabin resistant against IED trapsv STANAG
    • Armament system – according client requirements

      Mobility and Dynamics

      Version  A B C
      Weight 12.5 T 12 T 12 T 
      Crew 2+4 2+3 2+2
      Max. speed 110 km/hr
      Range 800 km (220 l fuel tank)
      Chassis ENGINE 326 Hp. AUTOMATIC 6 SPEED GEARBOX, Framework – Independent suspension
      Dynamics 26.1  Hp/t 27.1  Hp/t 27.1 Hp/t   
      Logistics STANAG 2165 TRUCK, RAILAWAY, AIRBUS 400 M


      • STANAG 4569 Volume 1 level 3, Volume 2 level 2a, 2b
      • CBRN and Air condition


      • STANAG 4569 Volume 2 level 3a, 3b
      • armaments and communication systems

      Obstacles and dimensions

      Comfort and ergonomy

      Space for crew – Safety cabin (2 + 4) - personal solution with special safety elements 7.7 m³
      Modular cargo volume 2.3 m³
      Cargo – payload 1.5 t
      Length 5.65 m
      Width 2.5 m
      Height 2.5 m ( 14R20 )
      Wheelbase 3.6 m
      Turning radius 7.5 m
      Wheels 14 R20 CTIS
      • Comfortable independent suspended sprung axle system
      • Interior equipped by special noise and anti-vibration materials
      • SUB SYSTEMS:
        - CBRN, chemical protection, communication systems – Central tire inflation system (CTIS)
        - Data and voice communication


      Main components in cooperation with the partners, European world-wide reputable producers
      Vehicle is characterised by simple operation and low service cost.

      gerlach family
      gerlach family


      Armoured Tactical Vehicle 4x4

      Brochure for download (PDF file - 470 kB)