New concept ARMOURED TACTICAL VEHICLE 4x4 GERLACH reflects the new combat and safety factors resulting from new/current skills and experience from the combat deployments of 21st century. Vehicle concept AFV 4x4 initiated 2 years ago in the company ZETOR ENGINEERING CZ in close cooperation with the subsidiary ZETOR ENGINEERING Slovakia, a. s., member of HTC Investments group, a. s., sector ENGINEERING.

    Main advantages

    • Modular armoured protection
    • Mobility and dynamics
    • Price
    • Comfort and ergonomy
    • Reliability


    Modular armoured protection

    • Modular armoured protection – safety cabin 2+4, 2+3 and 2+2 for combat and tactical armoured versions
    • Ballistic protection STANAG 4596 Volume 1 level 3
    • Anti-mine protection STANAG 4569 Volume 2 level 2a, 2b, optional level 3a, 3b.
    • Safety cabin: protection assured by additional modular armour plating with double floor with anti-mine „V“ shield
    • Safety cabin resistant against IED traps STANAG
    • Armament system – according client requirements

      Mobility and Dynamics

      Version  A B C
      Weight 12.5 T 12 T 12 T 
      Crew 2+4 2+3 2+2
      Max. speed 110 km/hr
      Range 800 km (220 l fuel tank)
      Chassis ENGINE 326 Hp. AUTOMATIC 6 SPEED GEARBOX, Framework – Independent suspension
      Dynamics 26.1  Hp/t 27.1  Hp/t 27.1 Hp/t   
      Logistics STANAG 2165 TRUCK, RAILAWAY, AIRBUS 400 M

      - STANAG 4569 Volume 1 level 3, Volume 2 level 2a, 2b
      - CBRN and Air condition

      - STANAG 4569 Volume 2 level 3a, 3b
      - armaments and communication systems


      Obstacles and dimensions

      Comfort and ergonomy

      Space for crew – Safety cabin (2 + 4) - personal solution with special safety elements 7.7 m³
      Modular cargo volume 2.3 m³
      Cargo – payload 1.5 t
      Length 5.65 m
      Width 2.5 m
      Height 2.5 m ( 14R20 )
      Wheelbase 3.6 m
      Turning radius 7.5 m
      Wheels 14 R20 CTIS
      • Comfortable independent suspended sprung axle system
      • Interior equipped by special noise and anti-vibration materials
      • SUB SYSTEMS:
        - CBRN, chemical protection, communication systems – Central tire inflation system (CTIS)
        - Data and voice communication



      Main components in cooperation with the partners, European world-wide reputable producers
      Vehicle is characterised by simple operation and low service cost

      PROJECT GERLACH - ARMOURED TACTICAL VEHICLE 4x4 - brochure for download (PDF file - 470 kB)