Zetor Engineering partnering with Rheinmetall Protection Systems

The cooperation concerns the development of crew protection solutions, the German partner is also a security armored cabin supplier

LOHMAR / BRATISLAVA – Zetor Engineering Slovakia, a.s. and Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH have agreed on strategic cooperation in the further development of ballistic and anti-mine protection solutions as part of the Zetor Gerlach 4×4 ATV tactical armored vehicle project.

“It is a great benefit for the Gerlach project that we can work with a world leader in this field. It is a great experience for our team and for the customer a guarantee of the highest quality and technological level, ”says project manager Pavel Bušta.

The combination of protection, mobility and other benefits makes this vehicle an extremely competitive solution. We will be pleased to take part in the further development of the project, ”said Dr. Manfred Salk, CEO Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH.

Both sides also confirmed their interest in cooperation in other areas such as Rapid Obscuring System, Smoke Vehicle Protection System, Active Defense System, Weapon Stations, etc.

The German partner also expressed an interest in transferring to Slovakia the production of additional ceramic armor systems.

Based on strategic agreement, Rheinmetall Protection Systems becomes the supplier of the safety armored cab solution. The German protection systems manufacturer provides a comprehensive and certified solution. The entire process, starting with the selection of materials, through welding and construction work, including technological processes, is subject to strict military standards MIL-TL (number to be specified). These standards will subsequently be applied to cab production in Slovakia or any other country where the vehicle will be manufactured.

Maximizing protection

Crew protection was the main priority of the project from the beginning. The aim was to maximize safety while maintaining a high level of comfort, as well as defined dynamics parameters and vehicle main dimensions.
Cooperation with the German side got the ground already in the design and construction of the vehicle prototype.
The German side provided expertise and suggested a number of improvements in the field of balis- tic and anti-mine protection. Subsequently, intensive cooperation on engineering and construction activities started, ”explains P. Bušta.
All modifications were subsequently subjected to simulations and rigorous tests in the German state-owned test laboratory Beschussamt Ulm. The result is a solution that provides the vehicle with ballistic protection at NATO level STANAG 4569 Volume 1 Level 3 and antimine resistance at NATO level STANAG 4569 Volume 2 Level 3a, 3b.

ABOUT Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH

Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Defence, one of the world’s leading makers of military vehicles and systems and a longstanding partner of the armed forces of Germany, its NATO allies and other likeminded nations. In recent years, a series of well-targeted acquisitions and the establishment of foreign subsidiaries have progressively turned Rheinmetall into a global player. Providing friendly forces with the best-possible protection – that is the mission of the company since 1889.
Its portfolio includes over 1,500 products, mainly for equipping ground forces but also for maritime and air forces and special units.

About Zetor Engineering Slovakia, a.s.

The company is a professional partner for development, innovation and comprehensive supply in the defense industry. It is currently profiling itself as a professional R&D center for mobile applications of machines and special vehicles. It was established in June 2000.