ZETOR GERLACH 4×4 arrives in Brno in a new combat version

BRNO/IDET 2019 – A new generation armored tactical vehicle ZETOR GERLACH 4×4, is making its Czech premiere at the International Defense Technology Fair IDET 2019. It is in Brno, where it will be possible to see it for the first time in a new combat version with a remote-controlled weapon system for machine gunfire, immediately after the successful shooting tests.

“After GERLACH, already demonstrating its abilities in a variety of rather extreme tests, including an explosion of 8 kg of TNT under its cabin, we have it now confirmed, that it is prepared to be equipped by a wide range of weapon systems,”

said project manager Pavel Bušta. Mechanical or remote- controlled machine gun towers from various manufacturers, anti-tank guided missiles, mortars or grenade launchers can be mounted on Gerlach.

Benefits of the new solution

The advantages of the vehicle are excellent terrain skills, superior safety and transport capacity, supported by high dynamics and variability. The vehicle, for example, overcomes a terrain step of 0.5 m and a 1 m wide trench. Gerlach´s cabin is designed as an overpressure armored capsule fitted independently on the chassis. It offers space for up to 6 crew members with a height of up to 190 cm and 120 kg in weight, including gear.
The concept of the vehicle was born 3 years ago in Brno, at the Zetor Engineering s.r.o. company. Thus, it provides all the benefits of a new, timeless solution. Its development has taken into consideration the latest technical and design requirements for a vehicle of this category. Other evolutionary cycles were also envisaged within the dimensions, overall construction and open architecture. So, not only the GERLACH addresses the current needs of the armies, but it is also fully adaptable to the new requirements within the next decades. The vehicle is composed exclusively of EU components, including the successfully tested “Rolling Chassis ZETOR”. From the perspective of the customer, this means trouble-free logistics, availability of spare parts and low service costs.

Global ambitions

The GERLACH project is targeted at all markets where the replacement of often outdated 4×4 vehicles is ongoing or under preparations. The vehicle is currently ready to participate in the announced Slovak tender. In other NATO countries and around the world, the vehicle is presented through feasibility studies to show, where it can immediately take part in announced tenders.

About Zetor Engineering s.r.o.

Zetor Engineering s.r.o. was founded in 2014 and it is owned by the company Zetor, a.s. The main activity and mission of the company is to design and develop vehicles for the defense industry. At the same time, the company applies many years of experience in the development of Zetor’s heavy off-road technology and experience in the field of engineering.

What can the GERLACH do, among other things:

  • During testing in military areas, with a load of 14 tons, it overcame a terrain step of 0.5 m and a 1 m wide trench.
  • Comfortably handles a terrain rise of up to 70% (30° angle). During testing, it also reached 100% (45°angle) under full load.
  • On the Slovakia ring racing circuit, it reached a maximum speed of 125 km/h, even in rainy conditions. It also demonstrated its pulling power when it was pulling a 28-ton truck and circled for 1 hour on the circuit while maintaining the required temperature parameters.
  • It obtained a ballistic resistance certificate at the level of NATO STANAG 4569 Volume 1 Level 3.
  • It is ready to resist an anti-tank mine with a strength of up to 8 kg of TNT under the axle and under the cabin as well (as per standard: NATO STANAG 4569 Volume 2 Level 3a, 3b). The cabin´s resistance has already been successfully proven within company’s tests.
  • Special acoustic tests have confirmed low noise and vibration levels in the cabin, 65 dB.
  • In the tests, it parked with the engine off at an angle of 83.9% (40°angle). The vehicle was loaded to a maximum weight of 14.2 tons.


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