ATV ZETOR GERLACH 4×4 ready for deployment and cooperation with the Polish industry as well

It arrives in Kielce briefly after the application for the Pegaz program

KIELCE /MSPO – ZETOR GERLACH 4×4, tactical armored vehicle, developed by Zetor Engineering Slovakia, a.s. is presented at the International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO 2019 in Kielce, Poland. It arrives in Kielce just after submitting the application for the competition for the renewal of vehicles under the Pegaz program announced by the Inspektorat Uzbrojenia MON (Armaments Inspectorate).

In Kielce, Zetor ATV was introduced last year, shortly after its world premiere at IDEB 2018 in Bratislava (Slovak Republic). Since then, the vehicle has undergone a number of stress tests, has received ballistic and anti-mine resistance certification, and has also successfully passed tactical parameter tests within the lifespan testing.

In our development, we took into account the latest requirements for a vehicle of this category, as well as experience of conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, ” summarized the developments since last year’s introduction of ATV Zetor at MSPO, sales director of Zetor Engineering Slovakia, Juraj Palko.

A solution for maximum security

The off-road capability of the vehicle is ensured by the special ZETOR Rolling Chassis design with maximum grip under all conditions and robust 1300 Nm. The vehicle, for example, overcomes the terrain steps of 0.5 m and a 1 m wide trench.

The portal frame concept of the chassis is also able to withstand high dynamic effects, thus being one of the main pillars of anti-mine protection of the entire vehicle.

The vehicle cabin is designed as an overpressure armored capsule. It is fitted independently on the chassis, so when damaged by the mine, the crew remains protected. Its unprecedented SAFETY space of 7.7 m3 offers space for up to 6 crew members with a height of up to 190 cm and 120 kg in weight, including gear. In the event of an emergency, it will provide space for two other crew members (without a seat).

Crew safety is also supported by additional modular armor along with a separate and suspended floor and anti-mine “V” shield. At the same time, the cabin construction allows for its fast abandonment.

Other advantages of the vehicle include its dynamics, confirmed by the maximum measured speed of 125 km/h, as well as its variability.

The roof of the vehicle can be fitted with mechanical or remote-controlled machine gun towers from various manufacturers, anti-tank guided missiles, mortars or grenade launchers.

The vehicle is designed exclusively from EU components including successfully tested chassis – “Rolling Chassis ZETOR”. From the customer’s point of view, this means trouble-free logistics, spare parts availability and low service costs.

Further evolutionary cycles were also envisaged in terms of dimensions and open architecture, so ZETOR ATV not only responds to the current needs of the armies but is also fully adaptable to the new requirements in the next decades.

Seeking cooperation

The ZETOR ATV is a solution that can be tailored to the needs of the Polish army. Zetor Engineering Slovakia seeks cooperation with Polish partners in order to best meet the needs of the Polish army while also supporting local industry. The company is fully open to the negotiations of state-owned and private enterprises of the Polish defense industry.

About Zetor Engineering Slovakia

The company is dealing with research and development in the field of industrial know-how. At present, the company is a professional partner for development, innovations and comprehensive deliveries, including the defence industry. It was was founded in June 2000.